Welcome to The HabboShare; Although I leave the game, I am still trying to find content and shares for you. Sorry to share the shares content made in HabboShare irregularly...
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MPU: RunoPW Hotel Custom Reception Room ADS by Jizzle
MPU: HabboXD Custom Football Stadium Room ADS
MPU: Habbo Custom Hogwarts Reendfdss Saloon ADS by Diofante
MPU: Habbo Custom Game Room of Roof ADS by santi13
Public Rooms: Habbo Custom Old School HH Studio Room ADS
MPU: HabboST Custom Space Lounge Room ADS by Hazed
MPU: RunoPW Custom Casino Saloon ADS by Jizzle
MPU: Habbo Custom Christmist Room ADS + Floor by Laporte
MPU: Hegga Hotel Custom Aykan's Office Room ADS by NoBear
MPU: Habbo Custom Mini Coffee Shop ADS
MPU: Habbo Custom Big Brother Iron Studio Room ADS by João Vitor
MPU: Hubba.WTF Hotel Custom Reception Room ADS
MPU: Nebbo Hotel Custom Infobus Room ADS by lUniverseH
MPU: Habbo Custom Reception Room ADS by AngelFox
MPU: Habbo Hotel Custom Dark Large Office Room ADS
Pack: Habbo Social Media MPUS
MPU: Habbo Hotel Custom Base Recibidior Room ADS by lUniverseH