CMS: Habbo Hylib CMS by Laxus

Hello, today I came to post a CMS of my last project - HylibCMS. CMS is entirely its own, both in its design and in its system. It contains (Index, record, me, profile, hall of fame, staff). This CMS is easily adapted for any emulator, but comes adapatada by default for the Comet Emulator.

This CMS is compatible with

  • PHP 5.5+
  • MySQL 5.0+
  • Iis
  • XAMPP 5.5.30+
  • Any Emulator (just adapt later)

About security:
This CMS is made entirely with PDO function to perform querys faster and more securely. All querys are filtered before sending to the database.
In addition, she works together with Ajax for better fluidity and speed.

First of all I want to thank the developers who participated in its creation and in all projects, MeDut and Wake, because all the projects were developed by us the 3.


  • Wake
  • Dut
  • Laxus

You are free to edit, but do not remove the credits of the creators of it, because it involves many hours of work, do not be like certain people who live at the expense of others and are little for those who have the real work!

Download from Here: