EMU: Local Gaming Repack (Multiple servers pre-setup ready to play) NOOB FRIENDLY //nitro/ by CourseLanguage

Local Gaming Repack (Multiple servers pre-setup ready to play) NOOB FRIENDLY //nitro/

Update: Added video tutorial for setup of arcturus, nitro, flash, ams and customs in under 2 mins for extreme noob friendly!!!

Hey everyone,
Hopefully this gives the community a little boost enabling newer users to get started easier.
Used to play back in old school days and dabble a little in retros and always struggled setting up a retro unless it was a 1click.

Finally got a better understanding and some help and made this server with an old school Habbo old school RS and RS classic server setup ready to go in just a few clicks no tech knowledge needed.
I also included a ton of customs ive paid for and found.

Everything here isnt my work ive just changed settings and made a repack into an easy virtual machine , credits to everyone who’s work ive repacked.

The servers are all setup to run privately on your local host but can be easily changed with some quick edits to be accessed by whoever


Latest Habbo Server
Arcturus Morningstar v3 emulator
Brain CMS
AMS Catalog
Thousands of customs
Nitro HTML5 (Can run on iOS no App)
HTML/Flash Clients

Old School Habbo Server
Kepler server emulator
V14 dcrs working (other versions might be setup too)
Working loader
Shockwave installed

Sweet little addons to the repack:

RuneScape Classic Single Player

RuneScape Old School Single Player

All you need to do is
- download the 7zip file,
- Unzip with 7zip
- Install Virtual Box
- Choose to add existing virtual box and choose the file you just unzipped.
- Start Virtual Machine
- Rest of simple instructions are on sticky notes when you open the machine

Ive setup an account with admin rights :
User: habbo
Password: password
1fichier - https://1fichier.com/?xpf3zcdx4e232pjtcxjk


For people who want to set it up on there own computer (not virtual machine) here’s the files and quick instructions

Latest Habbo

1. Download/install xampp
2. Start Apache and MySQL in xampp control
3. Delete files inside C:/xampp/htdocs
4. Replace with files inside CMS zip
5. Create database on MySQL called habbo and execute habbo.sql in that database
6. Extract emulator and open Run file
7. Using chrome for nitro or a flash enabled browser for flash open
8. Default account is user: habbo password: password

Files for non virtual machine setup habbo latest :
1fichier - https://1fichier.com/?i50956wem88y7hswhzyq



Habbo Old School - Kepler

1. Install xampp and start apache and mysql on control
2. Make mysql database called kepler in phpmyadmin or with navicat
3. Execute sql file in database
4. Replace xampp/htdocs with files from classic.zip
making sure that its xampp/htdocs/classic
5. Start Server and connect with shockwave browser at 404 Not Found
6. Default user is habbo password is password

Files for non virtual machine setup habbo old school :
1fichier - https://1fichier.com/?plmsb5hs1knvg784uiab