MPU: Habbo Custom Hogwarts Forest Unkown Room ADS by Lovell



  1. can you please credit cookie for HER work for habboon, thanks.

  2. User Asra on Habboon's work again... doesn't anyone understand intellectual property? Habboshare can actually be legally pursued for the theft of intellectual property.

    1. I saw this post as belonging to a user named Lovell on beeimg. In the Top Country List countries...

  3. Where do you keep finding these images? Beeimg? Another source? I want to know so I can contact them to remove these.
    Please be honest with me and name the source you keep finding MY IMAGES on. I know I post them on Beeimg but I myself can not find another source where they might be found, and because you claim you didn't find them on Beeimg, I want to know what website you find these in.
    Thank you.
    user Lovell / Jane

  4. Thanks for letting me know and crediting me! Seems beeimg is still a bit wonky then!