Welcome to The HabboShare; Although I leave the game, I am still trying to find content and shares for you. Sorry to share the shares content made in HabboShare irregularly...
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MPU: Tabbo Hotel Custom Reception Room ADS by Fuxury
MPU: Tabbo Hotel Custom Homeroom ADS by Jizzle
MPU: Habbo Public Roof Floor ADS
MPU: Habbo Custom Late Night Show ADS by Pabllo111
MPU: Zaq Hotel Custom Helpcenter ADS
MPU: Kubbo Hotel Custom Reception Office Dados ADS
MPU: Habbo Custom Lake Room ADS
MPU: HabnetSO Custom Ulku Ocakları ADS
MPU: Habbo Custom Park Themed by Wild Forest by xShake
MPU: Habbo Custom Lake Forest ADS by xShake
MPU: HabnetSO Custom Homeroom ADS by VGA
MPU: KubboCITY Custom Coffee Shop Room ADS by xShake
MPU: KubboCITY Custom Concert Studio ADS by xShake
MPU: KubboCITY Custom Park ADS by xShake
CMS: Habbo Custom Fansite CMS - HandChill Clone CMS by Hugoyin
MPU: Habbo  Custom Pirate Furnis Ship ADS
MPU: Habbo Custom Beach Themed Reception Room ADS
Furni: Habbo Custom Legend Big Dragon RGB by Tonino